Ross Corrigan

U23 | BM4+

Next race: U23 World Championships, Sarasota 2019

Where do you live and where do you go to school

My home is in Fermanagh but during the academic year I live in Belfast. I usually go home every other weekend to see my family.

How did you get into rowing

I enjoyed using the ergs in the gym and thought I should try the water so I did a few taster sessions at Portora Boat Club before Irish Champs 2014 and then joined the following September and haven’t been out of the boat since.

When you’re not rowing what do you do in your spare time and do you have any hobbies

I’m kept pretty busy with rowing and college if I’m honest so I don’t have a lot of time for other hobbies. I like going for coffee or lunch with the lads, plenty of down time whether it’s watching movies or Netflix and just sitting about. Occasionally I’d go out for a few drinks but not too often.

If you weren’t rowing, what other sport would you do

I think I would do either cycling, weightlifting or high performance jam making.

How does it feel to represent Ireland in rowing

 Its a really good feeling, at the minute it doesn’t feel fully real cause it’s something that’s taken quite a while. I’m excited and look forward to more representations.

What are your future goals in rowing

I’d say the main goal is just to keep improving at a good rate, self development is the main thing and trust the process, results will follow after that.