Our goal is simple

Supporting and keeping Irish athletes at the top of their game, supporting our future athletes, and developing our young rowers in Ireland are just some of the ways you can support developmental rowers #greenblades.

There is a journey to becoming successful and we need to ensure that every Irish rower has the opportunity to be on this journey not just those who are fortunate enough to be supported at this level

Our aim is to raise enough funds, through sales from our online shop and donations, to fund the rental of a house for those developmental athletes who need to relocate temporarily or permanently to be near the National Rowing Centre in Cork.

Our goal is as follows

To cover the cost of rental of a property near to the National Rowing Centre, in order to support our developmental athletes on their Greenblades pathway.

  • Goal one House rental for one year €20,000
  • Goal two House rental for three years €60,000
  • Goal three House rental for five years €100,000

Take a look at all of the ways you can make a difference to our developmental athletes.